Scots Sangs Fur Schools

Traditional and new Scots songs for use in Scottish schools


Hiya! Welcome. 

My name is Ewan McVicar. I have been updating and reshuffling this very popular site for Primary schools. Under P4+ I have added many more songs and tunes. 

And I have made a site for Secondary schools use, at

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This website has been developed to assist Scottish Primary school teachers and pupils find the Scots songs they need for project and thematic work. For P1-3 and Nursery, please select For Small People. Pupils themselves can select songs or tunes, and there is information on lyrics and accompanying movements for use by teachers. 

For P4 and up, there are songs and tunes with lyrics and information, and under Resources there are resources for teachers, and collections of themed and school-made songs. On the right are podcasts of favourite songs you can download and use.

A few favourite traditional Scots songs for you to try first are Fitba CrazyCoulter's Candy and Canny Shove Yer Grannie. For newer songs try Bananas Are The Best and Coorie Doon.

The material in this site draws on what was Education Scotland's SCOTLAND'S SONGS much-praised site, which I created for them six years ago. Although Education Scotland has wiped that material you can learn how to find it ON THIS PAGE.  

There is a Glossary of Scots words here

Learn more about Performers and Makers of songs and tunes here


I have added on the Resources page free PDF files of three books made for Scottish teachers and music specialists, of Song, Music and Language resources. Skelp [help] yourself.

I am happy to A] supply or help you locate recorded versions of the songs that are on this site, and many of the songs on the LTS site, B] supply or help you locate other songs or types of Scots music you are searching for, C] recommend Scots songs and music that might be useful for topics you are working on or planning for, D] supply or help you find singers, musicians or storytellers who can come to your school to do workshops with classes or in-service sessions.

If you would like to see more new lyrics made to old tunes by Scottish primary classes select the SCHOOL-MADE SONGS section under Resources. You might find it useful to customise or localise them for use in your class, or as a spur to creating your class's own songs. You could then send us your new lyrics to be included.

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